River Safari !

Backtrack to this trip ! I was lazy to edit the pictures hence the delay :P 

Went to River Safari few weeks back ago w family. Kinda wasted, the biggest part of the river safari was still under renovation therefore I only visited like 50% of it? oh well. till next time :) 

 photo R0000579_zpsaead7b9c.jpg

 photo R0000584_zps41a37ea7.jpg

 photo R0000581_zps8107f83f.jpg

 photo R0000588_zpsde1db17b.jpg
Spot the baby crocodile !

 photo R0000591_zpsf3b3d9a1.jpg

 photo R0000629_zpsc598e5ff.jpg

 photo R0000633_zps7e1733bd.jpg

 photo R0000625_zps8f2df4b1.jpg

 photo R0000617_zps3bcb0d32.jpg

 photo R0000622_zpsecf6ac54.jpg
I stare at this for quite long, quite amazed because it really look like it's painted LOL! 

 photo R0000634_zps78db01ac.jpg

 photo R0000582_zps3f653c45.jpg
To the panda ! 

 photo R0000604_zps79fea522.jpg

 photo R0000592_zpsa999e2c0.jpg

 photo R0000594_zps7266720b.jpg

 photo R0000599_zpsc7e870da.jpg

 photo R0000603_zpsa4047980.jpg
and a typical panda bao ! which is like so -so 

 photo R0000605_zps68f5d3cf.jpg

 photo R0000607_zpsacbddc9e.jpg

 photo R0000608_zpse2107d89.jpg
and bomb-ed 

 photo R0000638_zps36df8aab.jpg
apparently they had a huge aquarium too ! I didn't know that ! 

It was quite an average experience , since most of the attraction in the park is not open :(

 photo R0000612_zpsb4a0fe3d.jpg

 photo R0000642_zps8b68fb94.jpg

Stay tune for the next post where I will be heading to JB !