A day @ JB !

Bored of Singapore so we had an impromptu decision to go JB last saturday for a walk and eat ! 

Jiaqi was flying in the morning so we went to send her off before meeting Huixin ! 

 photo R0010514_zps960f113a.jpg

T2 just had that classic airport feel. haha !

 photo IMG-20131103-WA0002_zpsf75bcbd4.jpg
Have a safe flight ! See you in 3days ! ( by the time I post this left 3 days haha! :P)

 photo R0010517copy_zpsa5982362.jpg
I will be back in a month time on a trip to somewhere ! :D 

Off we head off to JB! and to our nightmare, this is what we saw at the custom into JB....

 photo R0010525_zps2e0aac8f.jpg
It look like a concert... after standing for 30mins we are still nowhere near half the queue, we decided to sit down LOL! 

 photo R0010526copy_zpsc6bdb3ee.jpg
Anyhow camwhore lor, nothing to do. Tired of plants vs zombie ! 

After an hour.. we were in. now it's almost 3pm , We need food badly.. Cabbed to KSL.

 photo R0010533_zpsc2755343.jpg
Saw BONSAI ice cream on their store front and decided to went in to eat then.

 photo R0010546copy_zps709e1cb0.jpg

 photo R0010564_zps13eb4026.jpg
Main dish, we had beef, chicken,noodle, dumplings and the bonsai ice cream ! add up to about $10 sgd per pax.

 photo R0010552_zps92ce2e26.jpg

 photo R0010555_zps6fa2b2f7.jpg
It's actually just like mcflurry but served in different ways. quite creative huh ! 
After eating , Hui xin went to do manicure while me and andy went walking around and buying food ! like forever...

 photo R0010566_zps9b395209.jpg

 photo R0010568_zps41732d99.jpg
Wanted to get something that is not as sweet so I can share, Peanut butter with banana crepe ! 

 photo R0010570_zpse48340f2.jpg

 photo R0010569_zpsc3fe5468.jpg
Mashed potato with sausage, how can something so simple be that nice? 

Shop for some stuff and head back to causeway point for dinner. Chatted awhile and head home because we were all very tired already haha !