Selections from Berry + Cheryl 's ROM

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Stay blessed Mr and Mrs Lai :)

Charmian's 21st

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Happy 21st Charmian ! Be blessed with Sebastian and once again thank you for having us at your party. 
It was a great night for all of us to catch up again. Till then. 


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Burgers vs Wings Bar @ Orchard Central

Finally a meet up with my two buddies after a year! I swear it was hell lots of fun catching up with them !
Wanted to go PARK @ Holland V but realised its closed on Monday, so we decided on this !

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It was rather peaceful ( maybe because we came too early ! ) but still its located at #11 which makes it isolated from the crowded orchard road ! I like ! pretty nice place to chill.

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Introducing Zameer on the left, and shunxiang on the right. and the battle between them start later. read on..

 photo DSC01376_zpsc0e84f84.jpg
I tried their top rated peanut butter beef burger. number 4 on their menu under burgers ! I thought it was pretty nice. the sauce was similar to satay sauce but not too thick and not too thin, just nice that it will stuck in between your teeth still leaving the strong taste in your mouth. its just shiokness !

 photo DSC01377_zps02a75941.jpg
and cheese fries to share :)

 photo DSC01381_zps90c63bd1.jpg
Shun suggested to have buffalo wings , sadly they didnt had wings but was replaced with drumlets, since its all our first time having it , we agreed. 3 level, mild, medium or suicide. We went with the medium. IT WAS A DISASTER ! lolol !

 photo DSC01386-2_zpse530f0db.jpg
Start the water spamming after the first bite LOL ! Three of us were literally crying , it was hell lot of a funny scene. The waiter just kept refilling our water like putting out a fire.

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 photo DSC01390-2_zpsd9857038.jpg
Hey bro, look at my tongue, its burning red...

 photo DSC01391_zps62e515ea.jpg
' How to finish this s*** '

 photo DSC01395-2_zpse5854594.jpg
and guess what, remember the battle i mention earlier, it was down to 2 drumlets left and we suggest to fight it out with the classic oh ya bay ya som and the odd one out will be spare with the chicken and the remaining two will scissors paper stone and the last will have to add the spicy sauce. and now looking at zameer laughing at shun with his chicken full of sauce.. I WAS THE LUCKY ONE !

 photo DSC01398-2_zpscbecc4d7.jpg
helpless with the last piece of drumlet*

It was great to see them after so long .. till then bros ! Take care !

Burger Vs Wings Bar @Orchard Central #11- 03/04