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Motor Heritage Show 2014

Previously I was lucky to have a chance to know about this event hosted at bosch Singapore which showcase all the old heritage cars and bikes that were still on our very own Singapore road. Didn't knew there was such events in Singapore as publicity wasn't massive for such events. I wonder why. Everytime we see such vehicles on the road, they probably just zoom by and there it goes. This time I had a closer look at each individual of them ! 

 photo DSC06357_zps6b035640.jpg

 photo DSC06343_zpsa555a135.jpg

 photo DSC06347_zps806c44fd.jpg

 photo DSC06348_zps53a9d1ad.jpg

one of my favourite ! I have a thing for cute mini cars !

 photo DSC06349_zps58af93b2.jpg

 photo DSC06344_zpsbb1c5bb5.jpg

 photo DSC06350_zps3218e031.jpg

 photo DSC06346_zps16536b9c.jpg

 photo DSC06351_zpse1dd3b3e.jpg

How you wish such interior still exist nowadays right?

 photo DSC06353_zps10d25056.jpg

 photo DSC06354_zpsdcc21af4.jpg

 photo DSC06355_zps3a4906bc.jpg

 photo DSC06356_zps1e01b368.jpg

 photo DSC06358_zps03fb26be.jpg

 photo DSC06359_zps9eec502b.jpg

 photo DSC06360_zps90a2764d.jpg

 photo DSC06361_zpsb983f6a4.jpg

 photo DSC06363_zps5fead227.jpg

 photo DSC06367_zps45761f4e.jpg

 photo DSC06369_zpse21803c0.jpg

 photo DSC06370_zps7faadf47.jpg

 photo DSC06372_zpsa712efa3.jpg

Its really such a pity to have such strict road laws here in Singapore ! They look so good! How I wish I can own one of them ! haha actually I just want a old cute mini cooper and probably a old frog eyes porsche :p till I drive one. haha ciao. 

The Bravery Cafe

And so i brought my mum for brunch the other day and since it was a monday and not many cafe were open. The Bravery Cafe was one of those opened on monday.

 photo DSC07012_zps5b696ce4.jpg

 photo DSC07029_zps655e0afc.jpg

With minimal renovation, the raw feeling that the walls give and the run down feel makes you feel a little out of the busy Singapore for awhile, cosy and relaxing for an afternoon.

 photo DSC07007_zpsac57a0bc.jpg

Here I have is their lavender latte.

 photo DSC07010_zps34819b56.jpg

and the poached eggs with toast. decent i would say.

 photo DSC07028_zpseb05a8c4.jpg

with wood tables and chairs, topped with some decorations, i wouldnt mind coming back again!

 photo DSC07027_zps1479d825.jpg

 photo DSC07038_zps1ef2eea6.jpg

and the main door of the cafe is so old school which is also the main point i came for. LOL ikr. for the door. alright. till then !

Distinguished Gentlemen Ride ( Singapore ) Part 2

 photo DSC06749_zpsdfb3ac6b.jpg

 photo DSC06755_zps3f7f2462.jpg

 photo DSC06757_zpsc36dabd7.jpg

 photo DSC06760_zpsb3718940.jpg

 photo DSC06763_zps44dfb2bf.jpg

 photo DSC06767_zps24c48c91.jpg

 photo DSC06769_zpsc43fb68e.jpg

 photo DSC06772_zps92313da7.jpg

 photo DSC06776_zpse93c18e6.jpg

 photo DSC06780_zps4d7b267f.jpg

 photo DSC06802_zps45cd914a.jpg

 photo DSC06811_zps08af78f5.jpg

 photo DSC06813_zps6c9c64da.jpg

 photo DSC06814_zps7c64d131.jpg

 photo DSC06820_zps09926515.jpg

 photo DSC06834_zps34a94306.jpg

 photo DSC06848_zps237d51b5.jpg

 photo DSC06851_zps9ced8478.jpg

 photo DSC06860_zps2afe26c2.jpg

 photo DSC06861_zpsbf942b8f.jpg

 photo DSC06863_zpsfeeafe86.jpg

 photo DSC06867_zps3df75e1e.jpg

 photo DSC06872_zps50cb363d.jpg

 photo DSC06885copy_zps491ac8fa.jpg

 photo DSC06899copy_zps67df857a.jpg

Big Thanks to my partner Emily for snapping all the shot ! Its a hot and tiring day to be a pillion on that day ! Thank you once again ! Hope you enjoyed yourself too ! :)