The Bravery Cafe

And so i brought my mum for brunch the other day and since it was a monday and not many cafe were open. The Bravery Cafe was one of those opened on monday.

 photo DSC07012_zps5b696ce4.jpg

 photo DSC07029_zps655e0afc.jpg

With minimal renovation, the raw feeling that the walls give and the run down feel makes you feel a little out of the busy Singapore for awhile, cosy and relaxing for an afternoon.

 photo DSC07007_zpsac57a0bc.jpg

Here I have is their lavender latte.

 photo DSC07010_zps34819b56.jpg

and the poached eggs with toast. decent i would say.

 photo DSC07028_zpseb05a8c4.jpg

with wood tables and chairs, topped with some decorations, i wouldnt mind coming back again!

 photo DSC07027_zps1479d825.jpg

 photo DSC07038_zps1ef2eea6.jpg

and the main door of the cafe is so old school which is also the main point i came for. LOL ikr. for the door. alright. till then !