Arbite @ Serangoon Gardens !

Have been seeing photos of truffle tries appearing on Beatrice's Instagram for quite awhile so I decided to go try it out ! Headed down together with Jiaqi and Andy after work !

 photo R0010614_zps6182c63e.jpg
Chicken Rosso Miso !
This might not look perfect but dont judge its look ! it's really nice ! Easy to cut, Easy to Chew, And it's tender ! Got nothing to complain ! serving is just right too !

 photo R0010622_zps6aa3eaac.jpg
Andy tried the egg benedicts ( All day breakfast ) for his dinner oh haha he is not very hungry.

 photo R0010616_zps22c3bf58.jpg
Truffle fries !!
And Yes It's really good ! it's their signature !

After the meal we went to walk around, we tend to have nothing to do these days at night. So bored of sitting at starbucks ! Went around taking some photos and headed to chomp chomp opposite for some bbq chicken wing and end the day !

 photo R0010631_zps1346bd58.jpg

 photo R0010635_zpsae06a9d1.jpg

 photo R0010637_zps34f59d6a.jpg

 photo R0010640_zpsa7ca726f.jpg

 photo R0010641_zps74c605b6.jpg

 photo R0010644_zpsce2fcf32.jpg

 photo R0010658_zps74e87695.jpg
Adjust adjust adjust..

 photo R0010659_zps150a16ec.jpg
Nothing new LOL!

 photo R0010669_zpsb86c0967.jpg
BAM ! I'm hungry again looking at this. NOOOOO not this timing AGAIN !

Ciao ! Off to get some bites after this ! :D