The Last date.

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Met up with the girl for brunch ! Decided to go Wimbly Lu ! After seeing so many people go finally our turn !

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Loving the brick background ! Perfect DP :D

Made it in time for their breakfast set ! Order one grand slam and one waffle with ice cream !

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Spread butter also can so happy. dunno what is wrong with her hahahaha !

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Pretty nice place ! Just that it's a little small in my opinion, but oh well its cosy :)

Headed off to punggol marina to see see awhile, then back to send his dad home and to my place for awhile to get something.

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Met up with mel and sebas & Co for dinner at Screen Bar which the girl had already reserved the seats for me !

Quite a nice concept of having to watch tv and eat at the same time, alternatively you can play games or watch live soccer matches too !

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This little cup on top is where the speakers is located so that the sound only surround the little cabin ! not totally sound proof to other cabin but well it minimise it well enough.

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Screenbar Platter

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Breaded Chicken

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Pork Chop

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Buffalo wings

Food was so-so but the wings was good !

After that the girl parted from us and then we went for some drinks over at charmaine's house nearby.

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And that ended the day..

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The parting was sour this time. I'm sorry I didnt get to send you home, please understand.Thank you for all this while. It's been a long and tough route for us. We spend 2 years of ups and down before we could settle down and 2 years later, we had to part again. I guess it wasn't fated in the first place. No matter what, at least we tried and we didnt expect it to end. Neither did I expected to be diagnose with diabetes. I was expecting this one day. I dont blame you. I can understand what is going through you and family. We had lots of fun and happy memories. This will continue as good friends. I hope I didnt disappoint you as your first boyfriend? haha I think I did pretty well except for some hiccups lolol ;p We will continue to meet up alright despite your busy schedule! May we be fated again, years later. Time will tell. Meanwhile, take care :)