Halloween @ Sentosa Spooktacular !

Haven been attending events for quite awhile , about 1 year? ( ok that's not awhile )

Went to Sentosa Spooktacular thanks to FENNY !

It's gonna be a photo heavy post as usual on my blog !

Ticket Price : $66.60 While Stocks Last ! Date left : 25th , 31st October , 1st and 2nd november ! 
Operating Hours : 7pm - 11pm 
Tickets available from the website or ticketing counters ! 

In my own opinion , I ranked the following in level of horror. 
1. Coming Soon
5.Pee Mak 

Some tips if you are going !

1. It's gonna be damn hot in the trail. Water and Tissue ! MUST BRING ! 
2. You will be walking along ! ( up slope too ) Please wear comfortable shoes ! 
3. As expected SWEAT ALOT !!! for guys, wear berms if you can. girls, shorts or a short dress is fine. 
4.Carry as little things as you want. You dont want to be having the thoughts of taking care of your bag.

Prepare yourself for the photos below ! 
Let's go ! 

 photo R0000758_zpsdcab6457.jpg

 photo R0000759-2_zps621c392f.jpg

This year it was a big thing because of the GTH production team which features this 5 thai horror movies into trails at fort siloso ! Some of the famous one like Shutter, Coming soon and the quite recent one Pee Mak. Anyway PeeMak 's actors were also here for the launch !

 photo page4_zps019884db.jpg

 photo R0000767_zps8d275ad1.jpg

 photo R0000768_zps321e779c.jpg

I survived spooktacular ! Have you?

 photo R0000776_zps12dd3ae6.jpg

Let's go !

 photo R0000777_zpsd12e082e.jpg

 photo R0010001_zps426d04ba.jpg

 photo R0010003_zpsc47c410b.jpg

 photo R0010004_zpsebb4404a.jpg

 photo page1_zps6bb24695.jpg

 photo R0010020_zps68dd5d64.jpg

First up with Body !

 photo page2_zps7d92a3cc.jpg

Basically it's a medical school ! That explains why the doctors and nurses !

 photo page6_zps268c383b.jpg

 photo page3_zpse463b2ed.jpg

 photo R0010048_zpsb9c813e9.jpg

This mummies part was actually kinda scary, because you can't see anything ! and there is this real mummy as shown below. so suddenly beside you there is one real one. this was OMG !! !

 photo R0010049_zps1344787a.jpg

To think of it, he is actually quite good looking i guess? but stilll.. This part was scary !

 photo R0010052_zpsaca2dfed.jpg

 photo R0010054_zps4752287f.jpg

 photo R0010055_zps100eb26b.jpg

Then there is this part with hair everywhere so disgusting and eerie can...

 photo R0010058_zps09fc3c63.jpg

And the mission is to fix the body part before you can leave. Guess what. the team in front did it so we just tag along and went out =.= HAHA !

 photo page5_zps619f1295.jpg

on the way to the next trail..

 photo R0010059_zpsf70497a9.jpg

 photo R0010062_zps3477e51c.jpg

 photo R0010063_zps5c1fd3db.jpg

Next was Pee Mak !

 photo R0010065_zps65d4f6d1.jpg

Oh Hi !

 photo R0010066_zps194cce65.jpg

 photo R0010067_zps8e71ce7c.jpg

 photo R0010068_zpsa81469ee.jpg

 photo R0010070_zpsd6021ae3.jpg

For Pee Mak, there is a bridge you need to cross ..

 photo R0010071_zpsb955efd7.jpg

You drunk bro?

Anyway pee mak was one of those that is less scarier, if you are looking for fun ghost to play with you. Pee Mak is where you should look out for.

 photo R0010073_zps3c4bc3d5.jpg

 photo R0010074_zps63c67909.jpg

Once awhile they dance to the pee mak movie dance. haha so cute !

 photo R0010076-2_zps046cbbb9.jpg

It's a pretty short trail but I dont understand why the long queue. You will need to complete the pee mak dance in the trail to get out. Pretty easy.

 photo R0010077_zpseacd9fb0.jpg

 photo R0010078_zpsfb8c44e1.jpg

 photo R0010079_zps9d54ad7f.jpg

I think the staff behind more scary....

 photo R0010080_zpsafd6d491.jpg

and sorry you are? haha

 photo R0010085_zpsa1318bad.jpg

 photo R0010086_zps4bb63ce4.jpg
Boo !

 photo R0010088_zpsc3042e14.jpg

 photo page8_zps90847fc1.jpg

 photo R0010090_zpsd6f71228.jpg

I swear this freak me when I enter the room ! Such a big production..

 photo R0010093_zps5749c6bc.jpg

 photo R0010094_zpsd479c9e5.jpg

 photo R0010091_zps70f73cd6.jpg

 photo R0010101_zps27b60b99.jpg

After this we went back to Pee Mak for some performance by the actors !

 photo R0010104_zps9fd5d083.jpg

 photo R0010131_zpse2f3197e.jpg

 photo R0010129_zps2f6b786d.jpg

 photo R0010124_zpsddc13780.jpg

Then took photos with one of them !

 photo R0010135_zpsc2963693.jpg

and there is this guy call peach ? who acted in Suck Seed? Seems like he is very popular too?

 photo R0010136_zpsaa17e763.jpg

 photo R0010112_zpsc62b3aab.jpg

Next was Shutter.

 photo R0010117_zpsf90e8ca3.jpg

 photo page9_zps7a693ca2.jpg

 photo page10_zpsc179f83c.jpg

Last but not least the Dorm,

 photo R0010137_zps59afa962.jpg

This way please :)

 photo R0010138_zps9eaa3ad9.jpg

 photo CIMG2137_zps36f01ee6.jpg

Thanks william for this shot !

 photo R0010142_zpsb9809eec.jpg

 photo R0010143_zps15429e47.jpg

Opps. Random snap .

 photo R0010146_zps6d00f001.jpg

 photo R0010151_zpsb05b0e3f.jpg

 photo R0010155_zpsaa507a98.jpg

 photo R0010162_zpsd7815960.jpg

 photo R0010160_zps15553c69.jpg

 photo R0010159_zps2fa1361e.jpg


 photo R0010168_zps6a034d87.jpg

 photo IMG_0246_zpscd47c5f5.jpg

 photo IMG_0245_zps80cc871a.jpg
 Credits : Shenny ( top ) William ( bottom) 
 photo CIMG2165_zps02e8583c.jpg

Ciao !