Andy's Surprise Birthday !

It's been the 3rd year I have been celebrating his birthday ! I met up with Jiaqi first since we are meeting andy at only 5pm ++ . 

 photo R0010177_zps52a58ce9.jpg

While waiting for Jiaqi to try on her shoes at new look 313 ! Tsk, the staff no clean mirror !

Top : Boy London from ActuallySg
Cardigan : Online
Chinos : Marcella 
Shoes : Apache Boat Shoes
Necklace : Topman
Watch : Fossil
Bracelet : From Angie but forget from which country already :p 

Later on, he joined us. Gave him his birthday present first ! 

 photo R0010188_zps6e31cacb.jpg

Dope 24k Gold 

He always tell me how chio this cap is but he never got it. I wonder why. haha ! But oh well. it's okay. 

We had some time till dinner reservation @ switch by timbre so we went to have a look at the queue at krispy kreme and unknowingly we got into express queue and tada ! 

 photo R0010190_zps78ff6193.jpg

Original Glazed Donuts ! 

Then we head down to switch by timbre and tada ! Me and Jiaqi actually planned a gathering for him. Oh well, I thought it was predictable but he says he didn't expect it. Maybe gei siao ah!  If is me , I would like totally expected it because it's the same everytime ! HAHAHA !

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 photo R0010199_zps9df55fe7.jpg

 photo R0010210_zps9d985663.jpg

 photo R0010211_zps8191f18c.jpg

 photo R0010215_zps253b31fe.jpg

The Birthday Boy ! With his tiramisu cake ! 

 photo R0010225_zpsa2a5478d.jpg


 photo R0010226_zps0568373d.jpg

GUAN TA LA ! Just chop it up ! 

 photo page1_zps918e104f.jpg

Then the band came and we started the dedication ! 

And oh yea we requested the fox song and they really did it ! For more go on to my instagram @leongraphy 

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 photo R0010236_zps08b4f72b.jpg

 photo R0010237_zps02c15d0e.jpg

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 photo R0010248_zpsfb30aada.jpg

 photo R0010224_zpsc3298f9e.jpg

and a group photo before we left for marina barrage ! Had a good throwback session ! haha shall keep it to ourself :P

 photo R0010243_zps0e3a0c06.jpg

Once Again Happy Birthday Andy ! All the best for your career ! Hopefully a girlfriend soon? Thanks for always being the one that force me to buy things that I cant decide. ( It's kind of forcing me to pamper myself I guess? LOL ) and all the nonsense , the list goes on ! Enjoy this year before you soon hit the age of more stress ! :D

PS : Some photos are blur, Still getting used to the snap feature of Ricoh Gr at dark places ;p