Movie X Shiok Maki !

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Caught the movie 'about time' the other day ! Gf recommended to watch. Since there wasn't other movie that was interesting at that period ,so I decided to go ahead with it. ( sound like I in doubt whether the movie was nice ) YAAA ! I was. 

Until I finished the show , I was wrong ! This show is pretty good ! Here's the trailer below ! Go catch it if you haven! Kind of makes you learn to treasure every single day of your life ! 

After the movie, walked around at scape flea looking for screen protector for the gf's new note 2 !
and then ! Bumped into Andy and Huixin ! and the next thing, my phone become like this..

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I could not decide whether to paste it , and Gf just keep telling me to go ahead , until Andy and Huixin came to support her. LOL ! and SHIT but okay, I love it alot now ! :P if you see it carefully it's actually with a texture on it. NOT TOO BAD RIGHT ! :D

After that we separate with them and went for dinner at Shiok Maki ( also gf's recommend ).
On the way to wisma , there's this dolls just outside mandarin gallery , Scary but oh yea I took shots of it !

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Some actually look quite pretty ! But oh well, it's scary to keep this at home. No No No.

 After reaching at Shiok Maki ( Koh Grill & Sushi Bar) ,I don't know anything about this but slowly the queue gets longer and I realised the ' SHiok Maki ' was the most famous dish here. so yea we ordered it as well !

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Ordered Soba as well !

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While waiting for our food !

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The HOT green tea is really @!#$%^&*#$%^ HOTTTTTTT !

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Caption " Ohhhh MY GOD ! This is so heavenly ! I'm tearing soon." KUA ZHANG !

After that walk around then end the day lo !

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