Learning more about Diabetes Type 1

Hi I'm Back ! , It's been great so far after my previous post ! I have received many encouragement and one surprising email about another lady whom suffer for this for about 10 years already sharing to me, however if you are reading this, I hope you would be more positive after exchanging words with me through that few emails replies !

Alright, so as you know I have to inject 4 times a day, I just found out there is actually other type of insulin that others might be using ? So here's the 2 types I am using.

Apidra - Fast Acting Insulin ( For Meals )

Below is 2 kind of method I was given by the doctor, as you can see the first one comes in bottle, this need to have an extra syringe to extract the insulin out and need to be very exactly how much you extract. For this you need to wait 30mins later after injection then you can have your meal. This cost cheaper.

And this below , is actually inbuilt with insulin inside, all I have to change is the needle infront daily, and turn the unit at the tip to the number of units I am supposed to inject. You can eat straight after you inject. This is slightly more expensive. 

This lead me to consider for awhile, cheap / less convenient or expensive / convenient .
I have chosen the expensive / convenient, reason being, first, I am a working adult, and I can't afford the time to slowly extract accurately, and then wait another 30mins to have my meal right? Secondly, it is still within what I can afford monthly. Thirdly, It is easier to bring around ! I only had to change the needle in the morning and then I can slot this in my pocket like a pen ! instead of bring bottles and syringe around like some drug addicts.

Glargine - Slow Acting Insulin , Act as a base.

The second type is call glargine , this is before sleep ! Once a day only, where else apidra is use for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For those who are using the bottles one, I strongly recommend you to change to this pen form of injection if you can afford to, one apidra can last me about 3weeks + ? I am injecting 6units per meal. and for glargine, it's about a month, injecting 8 to 10 units every night. It's fast,it's convenient, and you wont go wrong with your units. Just my 2cents :) Will explain how I do calculate how much of units to inject for my meals by looking at the different type of food I'm eating. CIAO ! 

Any questions you can email me : jinglong.khoo@gmail.com