5 months ago, it changed my life.

7 July .

This is a post which i wanted to do long ago to let my friends know about what happen on 6 February when I was hospitalized. But now, it's more than just a post. I also want to dedicate this post to one of my friend, Minghao who was diagnosed with Cancer on 20 June 2013.

My Condition here might not be as serious or critical as his. But I think we both have a common point. And that is, we were diagnosed with something that we did not have a choice.

On 6 February 2013, Just few days before Chinese New Year, I was sent to hospital in an emergency ambulance. Sitting on the stretcher , I can only hear horns and siren of the ambulance as they had to get me to the hospital as soon as they can. I didnt know why but big thanks to the medic team who sent me there ! ( I hope if this post gets viral , you guys see this ! :D ) Just weeks before I was sent to the hospital, I was feeling very sore on my legs, could hardly walk normally, I wasn't producing any saliva, and was drinking water the most in my entire life, literally had to go toilet twice to thrice per hour. I knew I wasn't able to continue my training in camp, I had to take mc. So I went to NUH and the doctor gave me mc saying I just need more rest. 3 days later, I knew I need more MC, this time I went to Polyclinic early in the morning to avoid the long wait.

Next thing I knew was urine test and blood test, and off I go into emergency room, doctors poking the damn needle into my veins , first time, poke in and shit he went, took it out and say sorry to me because he cant detect the veins, so he go again. Second time, he miss it again, this time he took out and I saw blood squirting out. Fuck it was painful. and yes my mum was crying badly infront of me. And third time they got it.

Reaching the hospital, drips given, doctor notified, I waited awhile for the result, more doctors came. and guess what. The verdict was . Diabetes Type 1. 

Here is what they told me about diabetes type 1, It was said to be in my bloodline. Which means my parents or my grandparents pass down to me. It was also say, it might be my anti-immune system which failed causing this. But definitely not the food that I ate.  But one thing for sure, my pancreas is no longer working, therefore it will not be able to produce insulin for my body. Question is, what is the treatment? Ans is no treatment. I had to inject myself with insulin for life. 4 times a day. It can only be controlled. I wasn't strong enough to accept this fact as I was only 20, I cried. 

Then I told myself, its fine, at least no medication right. it's just 4 injection a day. And so, I went on researching about this, whether any blogs or online forum in local context could give me information on my diet as I had to control the amount of sugar and carbohydrates that I am allowed to take. To my shocking, NOT A SINGLE damn information was found online. All I got was type 2 diabetes information which was slightly different from my case.I then tell myself, maybe I should start something to help those who faced this problem at my age too by providing some tips. As of today,  it's been my 3rd review last month. And my doctor told me I am slowly getting the hang of controlling my body sugar level and injecting the right amount of insulin for my meals. For those who see my instagram and be thinking why I always eat good food ! See some trend, I'm usually eating protein, and for dessert, once a while I touch them as a motivation and reward myself for eating healthy on 98% of the time. I will try to list down the carbohydrate next time.Of course I am still learning as the day goes on. I am still coping with the exercises I can do, and what kind of activities I can enjoy. I have also sold my precious bike away, waiting for my condition to be more stable and hopefully back to riding someday. It is officially my 5th month on injection yesterday. I have probably another 40 to 50 years of injection. It's gonna be a long fight. I hope I wont give up. My family and loves one have been giving me a lot of support. I know many of my squadmates recommend me to this and that and try to help me. I thank you guys for that, my bunkmates , thanks for taking care of me during the camp period. Lastly , my girlfriend for staying by my side giving me support. 

The reason for writing this post is to help people who got diagnosed with Diabetes 1 to know , You are not the only one ! feel free to email me (jinglong.khoo@gmail.com) if you need help on the diet or anything you want to know! I will try to give you the most accurate advise to my knowledge! Dont give up because you are lucky enough it's not deadly ! Life can still go on except for adding on some injection ! And for my friends ! Please do not feel bad eating food that I cant eat infront of me, example desserts ! I am fine with it ! It's not possible to make you guys adapt to my eating diet ! 

And to MingHao ! I know you are positive to win the battle ! Me and all your friends know it ! #watchmingbeatcancer will be history very soon ! You will then look back and see the process of you winning the battle ! Just want to tell you not to give up because you have a chance to recover ! We dont have a choice to get this shit, but we have a choice to do something about it ! Fighting Bro ! We will meet up soon ! :D