Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant

Previous week, I had the chance to lunch at this buffet restaurant for my colleague farewell.

It was a halal international buffet , I wasnt having a very high hope for the food there cause of the pretty bad review by my friends ! Enough said ! There are still good point about the food there ! :) 

 photo SAM_08412_zps59a4588a.jpg

1. Custard Bun - Simply delicious ! The best food in the whole restaurant in my view ! This is especially nice because they kept it hot. 

 photo SAM_08442_zps7fdb67bb.jpg

2. Sashimi - Thick Thick Thick ! Need not explain further ! 

 photo SAM_08532_zpse7bb2d4c.jpg

3. Durian Crumble - The best best dessert in the restaurant ! Can't get enough of this. But please drink lots of water after this. my colleague all got headache back in the office haha !

 photo SAM_08432_zpsb7f67dd7.jpg

4. Prawn and Sashimi kept cool .

 photo SAM_08472_zps48ce82c4.jpg

5. Not too much variety, just some curry, vegetables, noodle/rice and cheese wedges, totally not impress.

 photo SAM_08492_zps2fedd555.jpg

6.Roast Duck / Chicken and Self  Diy Kimchi Noodles. the duck was salty and hard. I didnt tried the Kimchi noodles. Kinda turn off already.

 photo SAM_08542_zpse7e6f886.jpg

 photo SAM_08552_zpse9b2e652.jpg

7. The dessert was the best of all I would say. Lots of variety for your sweet tooth ! Fondues to Cakes to Ice Creams. Beautifully done too ! :D 

Overall was quite average. The main was suppose to be the food. However, the better one was the dessert, Unless you are looking for a buffet with many desserts to end with. This is probably your choice. And importantly ,its halal ! So no more worry with bring your muslims friend to the buffet ! 

2F, Furama City Centre Singapore, 60 Eu Tong Sen Street


Daily: 06:30 - 01:00