Common Questions.

I'm back. I'm here to answer some question that I have been asked after they know that I got diagnosed with Diabetes.

1. Do I feel tired easily?

Ans : Yes, Kind of. I would say I do feel that my energy level drain out slightly faster than I used to be. Not that I need to sleep early, but just in between , I need some break? Like especially walking around or going up the stairs continuously , my legs do get sore faster. This kind of suck but ya. I will try to replenish it by eating some biscuit. Hopefully it helps.

2. Can I have kids in future?

Ans : Technically I can. But I wont? Putting aside the fact that I dont like kids and already dont have intention for kids before I got diagnose. I feel that its selfish to make myself happy to have a kid but I'm actually taking his life to gamble. There might be a chance that he will inherit this from me and end up he would be suffering too. Therefore to me, I will not take a risk to have a kid just to satisfied me or my partner happiness to own a child. But back again, I got no intention for one in the first place :)

3. What will happen if my sugar level go low / high?

Ans : When my sugar level go low , I will tremble, and followed up some other symptoms. If replenish the sugar back, i will black out and vomit white foam. That will lead to something else. This is immediate. which can happen in a day? As for sugar high, there is no immediate effect. For a long period of high sugar level, I will feel very sore all over my body , no saliva produce, keep going toilet due to dry tongue. ( That's what happen to me when I went to the doctor ) Eventually, it will lead to kidney failure etc in future if not controlled. So ya, it doesnt mean I eat desserts now I will die haha.

4. How to avoid?

Ans : I dont know ? maybe there is no way to avoid for type 1 . but as for type 2. I will tell my friends. The least u can do is, if you drink coke. drink coke light. DESSERTS is number 1 on the list. and if you dont know durian is actually the top number one fruit for diabetic to avoid. Just minimise desserts and soft drinks, You should be fine.

5. How am I doing now?

Ans : I am doing good? I wont say my sugar level is perfect every single time I measure? But it's not too high and it's never too low. High is actually better than low, because it's not immediate but not too high also. I'm more or less used to jabbing but sometime humans do get tired of repeating things. But I still jab reluctantly haha ! But its fine. I'm eating good. once awhile I do eat some junk food, not really desserts. Once awhile some ice cream. Life's need to goes on. So yea. I'm great. Dont worry !

Alright, It's getting too boring in Singapore. Ciao.