18th Birthday Part 2

Hello People ! Here comes Part 2 !

On my actual birthday night 12am, I received the first Facebook Wishes from .... DAWN POH !! aka brownie for me ! ahah ! Thanks ah Brownie !! (Y)

I got the first call from Nyssa !!! Second Call From Simyeee !!! Yes only 2 calls ! Thank You To you tooo !!!

I got the first sms by JIAQI aka Jqmeow !! Thanks Jie !! (L)

I got the first wishes on twitter from DON !! aka Dcannx Thanks FATTY !!!

Really Thanks to people From facebook and twitter and calls !!! I got more than 180 wishes on facebook ! more than 50 wishes on twitter !!

Im grateful to you guys !! Thanks <3>

The bloggers did a video for me as well ! super touched ( I cried , haha first time mah :P)

Thanks so much much much !!!! I will update about the lunch at my house after my
classmates/west sider post ! <3>