A small Dedication for Mum

Friends who are usually able to joke or go crazy are the populars ones that will have many friends flock to them and they will not be missed out in an outing. I had a chat wif mum ytd. i found out we two actually share the same fate, we were the quiet ones that dunno how to joke and go crazy like some of our friends do. yes, we get jealous of those who can, sometime because they will always be called for outings and us? ALways spare tyre. We will never retaliate to people who scold us or think we are wrong. we will just swollen everything down even though we know the opp is wrong or we feel we are right. we always apologize to protect the r/s between us and the opp. my friends who have been long wif me should noe. THink back. how many time have i been angry with you or infront of you or i will say sorry or nvm? taking late as example. i would even just say nvm even if I waited 1 hour or so. we feel that we owe you to every outing that you guys asked us out because it is rare to have an opportunity to go out wif you guys as a group. yes , i admit we this kind of people are very good to bully and scold because we wun fight back and we are often taken for granted. the purpose of this post is just to let other people who are like me know that they are not alone. and of cos to my mum too becaos i will always be here to support her because i know how she feel. I know she wun see this ya. People out there, dun treat quiet ppl as invisible, they might say nvm, but they aint feeling happy about it. Dedicate to my Mum and all other people who feel neglected by their friends in outing.

iloveyoumum <3