" Social Media and ME "

Okay Here I am Finally Doing This Post that I always wanted to complete which is !!



Basically A Brief Description about What is Social Media ?
Its Basically it is also What we say as Social Networking. They are media that allows YOU to socialise with other peoples. Simply saying MAKE FRIENDS !!!

Some Of the Social Media That I know are, Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, Wordpress, Onsugar, Tagged and so on. There are just too many to be named !

Tadah ! Now Im gonna Talk About How It Came into my life !

So Exactly How did Social Media Came into my life? Well I guess Most of us started From Friendster? Yea true? So Yea So Do me , I Started from Friendster as well. For 2 years? I think.. Commenting adding Chio bu(s)? haha I bet some of you guys also right? Dun fake fake Cos most of my classmates too LOL !

And There Came One Girl (Forgot is I add her or She add me haha ) Well She is Still With me now. The only one That I still Keep In contact with from Friendster? Name Call Angel ! My Girlfriend now lol.

So this is gonna be the BIG REVEAL ABOUT HOW I KNOW HER !

YES ! Dun think anymore ITS

We then First had a chat because of one of her incident she had before when she blogged out.
Then met Up Because I found out we were staying so near to each other LOL ! ( sound like I trying to cheat girl out right ! Im Not okay ! Purely meeting a online friend ! Didnt expected much from a stranger at first)

Can you Believe she is actually those kind of girls who visit Arcade often? I was shocked too. And after we got together . Arcade is the most common place we go almost everyday ! Basketball machine was what we used to get closer to each other .. She Played dance dance revolution HAHA well. her stamina that time was rather good but now ~ pretty bad because seldom go le :(

Okay So ya We Went Up and Down and Now. Its 1 year ! Above is the first few photo we took :D

And So we lasted 1 year already ! Happy 1st year anniversary ANGEL WU ! haha Okay ba I guess other thankyou stuff I will tell her Else where haha Shall not reveal here ! I Shy LOL !

YES ! This is How SOCIAL MEDIA AFFECT HALF OF MY LIFE ! IT gave me a girlfriend who shares alot of Both good and bad memories haha But Still I dun regret it :D Thankyou dear :)

Okay Next Up Is the another half of my life in Social Media Which is What Im Doing !


I still can Remember I first Know more Nuffnang Through Meldric and then Got to a movie screening the Surrogates By Stephen.

And there came more at the K suite and I slowly got to know more bloggers ! and till now im going out with them and even playing viwawa with them hah !

When Meldric First Told me You know who is Typical Ben? ANdyStorm? LOL I all dunno sia
then Slowly 24seven Came and dunno why but I know more and more bloggers and now I know most of them..

Well All I can Say Is Thankyou Bloggers haha for giving extra colours to my life.

Okay That's the end of this Post Of SOCIAL MEDIA AND ME !