YO Yo Yo ! Back to blog yea ! , tell you guys something !

I went shopping today !! WoooHOoooo

Bought a Belt from levis, bought shoe from Buy and throw away ( BATA), cos mum got free voucher. Bought A few things from Popular.

I didnt went to school today. Well, the reason was because today was Entrepreneurship Tradeshow ! My whole group didnt want to go although we had the best business plan in class.

I bet faci gonna be SO SO SO disappointed !

Oh yea sorry for being random but ! im making my namecard soon ! my photo blog is done just waiting for my name card. But... Im kinda scared that my price is spoiling the market.

Well, I will see when times pass by.

okay i'm done with a short post for the day ! bye people ! <3

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