Living in this Small City...

Travelling only takes less than 2 hour from one end to another end is the place where I stay since I was born..
Backpacking will be one of the things I would do in future.
A different way of travelling with others..
Not looking into planning every minute, every second of my time when I'm overseas.
No itinerary No Schedule. Just Free and Easy.
Making it like I'm living there just that I'm not working.
Walking on the street. Taking photos of people.Enjoy the Culture and relationship between people to people.

Yes that's for the future..

Now. I'm lying on my bed in a small corner of the City. 12.33am. typing this while checking updates from twitter. Webcamming , Listening to Music. And at the other corner, I hear korean song , while parents sleeping.

Nothing special here. Except for the rise of taxi charges. Pictures of Lamborghini taxi appearing on facebook. Everyday here. People complain about work. People Complain about Love. People jumping off rivers. I guess that's more or less what I hear in this small city.

19 years and counting on.
Now I ride a bike. and I will continue riding on.

I have a bunch of great friends and love ones. You know who you are. Thank You.
I have a Great Family. Fortunate me.
My name might not be the nicest but I'm proud I'm given a name.

And yes. I am feeling happy with my life now. Unpredictable life. We shall see years later...
Till then.. Ciao.

P/s : I'm Not Emo :) Just feel like writing this thoughts which came into me suddenly.