Life's Easier and More Interesting With OCBC Mobile / Internet Banking !

Last Week I attended the Internet/ Mobile Banking new interface launched by OCBC !!

It was a chill and easy night listening to the folks from OCBC introducing and doing demos to us about how the whole thing came about and the different navigation in the new interface of their Internet and Mobile banking.
Surveys were done . Research were made. Finally a more user friendly and straight to the point form of serving the user better.

I will just highlight some of the features that I think is more attractive for the user to play around with !

Firstly a big chart infront of the dashboard ! Showing your records of how much you have and how much you owe ( eg. Credit cards etc. )


Clean and Easy

Next is what I always wanted to do when doing bank transfer I think all youngster do this, which is transfer money to other account. The usual problem I get is I cant transfer to other bank accounts when doing online shopping but now OCBC make it easier by having a widget at the side ! 


Simply Insert Value and Select ! and a BIG GREEN Tick will appear if success and a RED BIG CROSS will appear if failed. Simply straightforward. No more Stupid ERROR with chim chim english pop out . Then you go thinking. Walao what is this? Forget it. Dont transfer already. Right? 

Next Is another interesting feature that I like the most ! Savings Goals Widget ! 


Look at this ! This is so fun ! It's also a good way to "force" yourself to save for something you like ! 


So for example a car ! The money that is put into savings will not be able to take out unless you decide to use it for emergency ! It will be deducted from the amount of money that you are able to withdraw ! 
Youngster nowadays need this badly I feel ! 

And So this is the two main features that I am in love with ! This is also available on Iphone and Android ! Download the app now ! 

For more info you can watch this video !