iOS 5 New feature ?

There's been a lot of people saying all the new feature that was announced yesterday already existed ! Apple only improved it and make it free and combine all into iOS 5. 

I didn't know it until I saw this apps call airsync in my android market ! 

This airsync works similarly like the one announced yesterday where you do not need to connect your cable to your phone to sync your itunes music ! 

However reviews for this airsync apps were not 5 star though.. 

So was the new features stunning to you? To me yesterday while watching , yes ! I was impressed with ICloud pushing their apps to all apple devices. But what if you backup your stuff in the cloud and the server fails and your business idea and stuff is in there.. 

hoho , that will be really stunning to you I guess? 

Oh well, these is just how I feel haha ! Nothing 's perfect right ! As long as it's free You and Me are happy !