Plixi shift to Lockerz

Hello ! Those who followed me on twitter will know that I complained about my timeline user using lockerz as their default photo uploader ?

yes ! As of 1st may the plixi that we all used have shifted to lockerz . 

It was said that plixi merged with lockerz company therefore changing it's name ! 

New features was also introduced ! according to what I found on the net ! 

Lockerz has a social incentive — PTZ, or points, can be earned by watching videos, listening to music and inviting friends. And the points can be used to lower the price of onsite merchandise; in effect, social activity acts like coupons for Lockerz’s users. "

okay but who understand what this means? LOL!  I dunno serious ! what coupons !? does that apply to users in Singapore ?

Through my experience I just dont like that it that it does not show your twitpic on the preview on my phone ! 
that means if you twitpic if you use I have to open it in a new tab ! 

For twitpic and yfrog it will appear on my phone ! which is more convenient ! 
Instagram now also have this preview thing on my phone already which is great for photos sharing ! 


I dont know if lockerz would fix this too ! but if not people ! please change to twitpic or yfrog ! 

Just go to your setting and change the default uploader to others ! :D 

I just feel it's better for photo sharing ! and I would want to see your twitpic.. 

those using lockerz I would not want to click and open new tab and load ! 

P/s : if you dont want to change it's your choice :) no offence to anyone using lockerz 
P/s/s : I'm just writing down my opinion and experience as a user :)