Doomsday Changed to October? What Will You do?

So it was said by Harold Camping that the world ends at may 21st which is few days ago ! but did you see anything strange on the sky? Maybe you did but not me? I was playing games LOL ! 

And then the news came out that Harold Camping said it was five months later which is October 21st ! ? 

Oh yea.. he made a few wrong predictions already !
 ( oh well if he predict correctly , you would see this post right?)

So do you believe ? 

For me , it doesn't affect me. Life still goes on ! If it's fated then fated right? You tell me October 21st and there is no 100% confirm guarantee chop chop the world will end ! 

If it is 100% I will really go do what I want LOL! 

Like try committing a crime? ( nah just kidding ) 

Try some things I never done before?

 Like just grab a bike and speed and enjoy what I like? 

Yup I think I will really find my favourite bike and ride ! I will do all the things I wish to do ! 

I have friends telling me they want to have sex before they die LOL ! 

Nah. No meaning leh ! Of cos I would be with my family spending the remaining time right ! 
and of course !

oh yea. that's if it's 100% doomsday what ! So You cant expect me to do those things now like go grab a bike without license and drive ! I will probably die first :P

So Do you Believe? If you do ? What would you wanna do?