Adult Content ! Enter at your own risk !

Being curious about how implant tooth would be like. I decided to google it ! To my shocking, It looks fucking scary can!??!?!

Those who know me , You guys would know I am wearing a denture now because I broke a tooth during work last year :(

If you ask me, how do I feel wearing a denture ? it is tiring? painful? does it affect your eating?

I would reply, I am already used to wearing it, when I first wore it, it was freaky because you would hear a click sound when you pop it up to your bo gei part. I will need to remove it every night to wash it , brush it. It's not a hassle though , because I need to brush teeth mah :P

It's painful when You tried to put it back after long hours of sleep because the gap will close during the night. Yes it would affect your eating in some ways. Like popeye the biscuit right. it will stick all in between your denture and gums and it feels very uncomfortable !

This single denture of mine cost $150 bucks. and An implant of that one tooth will cost me $3.5k to $4k. And all along I knew it was a metal screw on my gum with a fake tooth on it but I didnt expect it to look like this in a picture !?!?!!?


This is the diff parts that the metal screw will replace with the actual one. I feel like I am gonna be a terminator machine or something ?! like Arnold? LOL!

Will my teeth feel hot? Like metal kana heat up in hot weather? :S Dont even dare to think about it lor !!!

Care to share? Anyone implant before? leave a comment below okay ? :)

but thinking that the result is this ! look below

It looks so perfect again ! I can bite very hard stuff again ! Being a machine is not that bad afterall? Because you are metal , stronger than anyone LOL !

Anyway, To implant a tooth, you need to be at least the age of 21 ! Which is 2 more years for me ! I still got time to think of it :S

To implant or stay denture.. it will be revealed when I am at the age of 21 :) Hopefully this blog still exist ? LOL!

P/s : for more scary photos. you can google implant teeth on google images.

Ciao !