My New Toy Accessories !

YAY !! hello Everyone ! Im back ! Miss me? Miss me not? Anyway Thanks for Returning to my blog ! This post is all about Photography, So Photography lover Enjoy ! and hope this is helpful !

Today ! I bought a new lens ! And yes ! its the Canon 50mm F 1.8 that I have been talking about in twitter !

Hisham accompanied me to have lunch before Heading to Cathay photo to get my lens ! Total of $150 including Hoya UV filter 52mm !

Some test shots taken today !


At aperture 1.8 ! WOooohooooo !


Here is my new lens !

And My first lens ! my 17-40mm F4 L


Okay, I shall enjoy my 50mm this few days ! Stay tune for more photos ! Nicer photos !

Now Im gonna Start my so called 'tutorial' For Making the DIY flash bounce card !

Okay So first thing , Get a black Coloured Foam Paper From popular, This is how the packaging looks like !


And then cut out a shape which look like a bulb !

It should look something like that !


And then cut out a white plastic board and paste it onto the foam like this.
and lastly attached velcro strip , the one with buckle is better(can be bought at daiso)
However I did not choose to , instead I use this which is cheaper , it look kinda like a normal double side velcro tape !


and So this will be the end result !


Tadah and there you go with a cool and nice Diy Flash bounce Card !
This Inspiration of this bounce card is taken from one of the photographer on youtube ! But not totally same ! ( I DO not credit myself for creating this idea !)
Hope this is useful ! Ciao !

WooooOOOooHOOoooOOO !