" What I have Been Doing This few days ! "

WoooHoo People ! Im back ! With a Better Mood With a Better Character !

I decided not to force her anymore, I know she is feeling very bad . If I really Love her, I rather see her With a smile. :D (like this ) LOL ! nevertheless I still Wish she would come back to me. I will wait , I really will. See This baby ..

OKAY ! Back to my life this few days ! IF you had been following me on "twitter.com/jgrey_" , You probably knew I am working in IT show this 4 days for SINGTEL !

Let me just Simply Summarise this 4 days okay ! Cos its just hell bored for me !

1st Day (thursday) : Nothing much actually , No customer so cold in the ball room perhaps weekdays !? yea i guess so ! Oh Ya Ashton and Fren Came Visit me that day haha ! Funny how Ashton jump just to make me see him , poor him wif the hand injured !

2nd day (friday) : Yea ! Andy, Don, Limei ,Yingzi and Angel Came down to Visit me haha.. Andy won a bluetooth headset and Yingzi won a laptop bag ( unwillingly , so she returned it haha )

3rd day ( saturday) : Crowded , but still manageable ! no one came to visit me :( But saw my Ex colleagues at hello shop westmall Ron ! Long time never see him haha ! Saw jiale as well if im not wrong is during this day !

4rd day ( sunday) : MAD CROWDED ! everyone is just getting their bloody contract done on the LAST DAY ! DAMN YOU PPL ! LOL ! Michelle came to visit me together with Hong Kai ! haha thanks la !

Count count count * I think this is my 5th or 6th Roadshow im working for Singtel already !
Fun colleagues ! Supervisor ! Manager ! Director ! and many more !

These are my colleagues !


Loves them lots !

Not forgetting her as well ! Went out with Don today to get his LG eve exchange at SENGKANG =.= You better be grateful to me hahah ! I travel from pioneer all the way there ! RAHHH !

After that , Went to met Angel ! Sorry Donny and Andy !
Had Udder Ice cream at Novena ! This is our Dunno which ice cream stall we had eaten ? 3rd? We Are gonna try all the famous ice cream in singapore !

Had Lychee martini and She had Tiramisu ! I prefer the lychee martini flavour one at the daily scoop ice cream ! its nicer ! But the tiramisu one.. So strong alcohol smell I dun like dun like ! :(


On the left is !! drum rolls ** Lychee martini and Of cos the right one is Tiramisu flavour !

Here is the SHOW GIRL FOR UDDER ICE CREAM ! HAHA CHio right? I know of cos she is !
Who dare SAY she isnt? I Kill You !


had dinner after that then homed ! had a fun day today ^^ definitely worth it.

And The last part for this post today !

Im gonna talk about MELDRIC LIM YU QI AGAIN ! haha
Still got 29 days i think before he come back gosh.. take care yet !

( I aso dunno why I suddenly want say this to him =.= )

NO !! NOT what you think kay ! IM NOT MISSING HIM HAHAH ! :P


My last photo with him before he left for CHEENA ! Take care !

BYE ! WOOOooohoooOohoooooo ! :D:D