WooHoo Hello Readers !

Yes ! You are not wrong ! HERE's my update again ! I know I have been Missing In Action For quite a while yea?
Finally Had the Mood to Blog !
Well Firstly , A very Happy Chinese New Year to You ! ^^

If anyone of you guys had been following me on twitter , you should know that I am having big problem in L-O-V-E lol ! but well.. I still want to post this to show her ! haha :P

And Yes ! At this timing 1.46am LOL I am Missing her ! Neglected her on Mahjong today ! and upset her alot I know ! So Dear ! if you saw this Please Cheer Up okay? :)

HAH ! So Ya Back to Business ! How's Your Chinese New Year?
Let's Talk about My First Day of Chinese New Year with some of the bloggers !
Decided to ton at the esplanade !


Last Week
Meldric also hosted a Bai nian Session for the bloggers ! and here we are at his house !

The Funny US !


The So not Fun Shot ! haha




And there you are , A very short post of what I have been doing During my Chinese New Year !
Share to me about yours too ! :D take care and I shall go to sleep now !

Nights Peeepoo ! <3
as usual


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