WOOO Yo People ~~

Time to blog and its 1.25am haha ! If you are wondering what is this siao kia here not going to sleep at this time and blogging someone ?

its becos of one person LOLs haha dum dum la wan me to stay wif her until 2.10 to watch tyra banks show =.= but i'm abit sleepy actually haha okay nvm.. here is the post !!

OKAY !!! erm.. so its all about MAHJONG YTD at sebas house.. I reach thr late !! but still earliest to reach huh? lols..

before I went up to his house I went to his nearby coffee shop to get my wanton soup.. Oh well, the stall owner do not noe what is hygience? she touch the dustbin and press the dustbin full of junk food down with her hand !! and she still dare to fucking use her hand to take the tongs and take the wanton ~~ and then use her hand to grab the fried onion and THROW IT INTO MY SOUP !!!

I was stun but yet I do nothing haha IDK why?=.= but I still finished the food =.=

well , so mahjong started , me sebas yihloong and junxian start first while meldric simyee bk, hoeyeen came after that not forgetting yb lols..

Overall Lost $7 bucks yea haha nvm there is always win and lose ~ Played awhile near 1130 we went off to have supper at jp , just me simyee meldric and bk ~ yea had mac..

meldric and bk had some conflict yea well I can only say dun let those things affect the relationship between u 2 okay? so good buddy le dun get disturb by some nonsense ~~ yea cheers !

So that was yesterday ~~


woke up at 10 meeting dum dum for movie at 1250 at dhoby ghaut =.=? LOLS
she late as usual but she change the timing so become i late lols..lame

guess what we watch?!

YES , its G-Force 3D bloody hell cost me $13 bucks !

but yea worth it ahah dam nice movie watch it guys !!

heg-force Pictures, Images and Photos

After that went shopping , wanted buy my shirt from Topman but could not find ? We went Orchard , Marina , 3 outlet of Topman all dun have T.T then headed to FAr East , Wanted buy Stage de shirt But like too ex , then WAnted buy my outerspace shirt but no more OMFG , I want spend money but cant spend
#$**%#$%^&*( ,, finally settled one shirt in fourskin $16 only got 50% discount.. if not i would nt bought it.

Reach home slept awhile then watched tv until now ~ haha chatting wif dum dum and simyee so yea
guess that's about it bye people ~~ seriously no joke pls TAG ME if not im taking my tagboard off ~