so long never post !!!!!

omg rot rot rot ~~

was during the period of exam last week and now its HOLIDAY !!

so yea, Anyway I went for Photography sharing Session again ;D

Underwater Photography - Patrick Leong

For those who added me on msn should already saw my personal msg right? haha

So erm Definitely he shoot greats pictures !!

He showed a total of 250 pictures he taken in Indonesia. Aceh

I must say its really an adventure to do diving and photography together
but think of it , it really will cost you quite a bit before you can do that man !

first have to take Diving course and proceed to advance in order to dive 120 feet below which is around 12 storey. Although he said 60 feet was okay too but for me I think if you really want to take nice photo cfm have to take till advance course what RIGHT?

After learning it should take you around 1 or 2 years =.= hell man.

The photography equipment IS SO EXPENSIVE !!

can you imagine you work hard to earn 1.2k a month , you can only get a LIGHT

yeah you didnt see wrong its AAAAA LIGHT !!!

lols that is for those who really wan to get very good photograph for magazine if not the normal light cost a few hundred as well.

So you basically need 2 LIght and then the camera housing which is the casing for you to put your camera in cost a few hundred too. And some etc stuff can cost 10k PER item.

So yea I guess that's not a simple thing for youngster to achieve? mayb uncles haha

And ya ya ya before I forget

The canon competition is Out !!

Sadly, I didnt win huh ,

First place goes to a guy in Msia for 500D
2nd to a guy in SINGAPORE haha at least sg got 1 , got 1000D
consolation I think go to singapore also

hais so there's goes my shortcut to getting it , need save again wtf *&;@#$%^&;*

Okay I guess That's all im going to watch the proposal later on wif Dum DUm ;D
bye guys take care.. !!

haha no pictures in my desktop ps actually want put one de ;D next time ba =)