Blog entry for National Day.

NDP 2009 Logo Pictures, Images and Photos

WOOOoooo, once again the National day parade is here again in 2009.Singapore is celebrating its 44th  This is the second year we held our national day parade on the floating platform. Last year, I did not get a chance to get the entrance ticket to attend the National day parade, but I went to the nearby building with my groups of friends to have a view of the fireworks. It was very crowded because everyone was squeezing to get a good view of it. The performance is also something everyone is looking forward to catch it and take photos of it, especially the navy force and the parachute who are performing. It is just so amazing at how the jet plane coordinates and making different pattern out of it.  I believe the atmosphere is as good as it is on the platform, I definitely enjoy it and I will sure attend it there again this year. I am so looking forward to it. birthday this year! The theme for this year is COME TOGETHER-REACHING OUT AND UP. This means that Singaporeans should stand together and work hard for a better future.
Singapore has come so far since 1965 till today. We have made good relationships with many countries assuring that we do not get into conflicts. The most memorable situation was when LEE KUAN YEW cried for Singapore because he was worried that Singapore could not survive without merging with Malaysia. I believe many of you guys know about this right?
National day parade had always been a enjoyable day for most of the Singaporeans. From primary school to secondary school, we always held celebration events in the school. Everyone would decorate themselves with red and white on their shirt or face and even hair spray. After which, everyone would gather in the hall and judges who are our teachers will come out with the top 3 most patriotic class. 
Year by year the package for national day is getting more interesting, the items that are given are nicer. This year the bag is a sling bag which looks slightly like a zinc or crumpler design. The item is also quite attractive, with those fan, stuff that got led lightning , etc.
Also every year Singapore would have a theme song. The lyrics are always so meaningful because it shows the challenges and the path that Singapore had come so far. Everyone would sing the song on national day in their respective school and during the celebration on the platform.

Sooo, all this things makes up a wonderful national day ! I am so looking forward to national day!
Happy birthday Singapore ~~