Hello everyone! :D

Obviously it's not him that's updating. That dumb asshole is always complaining there's nothing to update and also due to his lazy-ness! So therefore, here I am updating this rotten blog of his!

He just had his hair cut today and he doesn't seem to be satisfied with it. But I think it's rather okay though i still prefer his old hair. And his new haircut makes him look like a young kid. Luckily he dyed his hair, if not, I bet he'll look damn weird! *Laughs. Anyway, he'll get used to it after looking in the mirror for a few times. Prays hard that the mirror won't crack! Hehe! Just joking! :P

So yea, I'm gonna end this short post here. It's only about his hair cut because that's only the thing that I can blog about for him! And I hope he will update his blog regularly!

Before I end this post, guess who I am! It's very very very obvious! Hahaha! Do visit my blog if you happened to pass by this blog! I bet he's gonna roar at me for 'promoting' my blog! >.<

P/S : And I realised that I've been using too many exclamation marks in this post. Almost every sentence. Hahaha.