wee im back to blogging !!

went to see monkeys at bukit timah reserve

FYI : they are not in enclosed area , u can easier stand near them less than 20 cm? they are wild !

so dam cute and i drop into the drain and got a cut on my leg

oh well ,nothing great about it.

followed on i got a bump on my face !!


dam it man now i look like a weirdo luckily it's smaller today !

also i vomit and had a bad headache today !!

gosh nothing is going right for me huh?

AND to my friends

who are using or just started using TWITTER OR TWTAD

I just received a news that they had change owner !!

they are cheating money so i do not recommend you to use the ad which is TWTAD

however if you wan to use twitter , u may still continue using ;D

i had remove mine btw.

ok , i shall end here