Hey guys im back
How's ur valentine day?
well for me i went for steamboat wif my bunch of friends at bugis ..
let me list them out first haha
Leslie , Yihloong, Junjie, Sebastian, Dawn, Delphinna, Dephanie, Jiale, Lishi, Yvonne, Yingwei ,Darren

later on the other few came,
meldric, bengkhoon,yibing,julius,hoeyeen, franky

waited them for 1 hour b4 taking train down to bugis.

NOTICE : PHOTOS NOT wif me i guess thr isnt much photo either LOLS

we went to eat ma la HUO guo lols
reach thr then we were told that we had to split table 10 outside 10 inside?
no choice haha then my table was outside de ordered one side xiao la other side
zhong la ok la i guess the difference nt alot =)


order order n order LOLS
eat n eat n eat
then when gonna start

gt one ah bei come towards us
keep " NEH Neh Neh, Take Take( it sound like Take ) "
wif his hand full of coin showing us
at first we told he call us take sia
then we were like take or wat? lols in the end
is he wan money from us lor
then give lor then he siam liao
lame sia

then start eating liao
the guys inside dam noisy as in those frens of mine sitting inside
keep joking mah cos thr all the jc fellow inside
then we outside cool n calm eat only lols

we ate until 10 then trained back to boon lay
some of us slack at basketball court then i left about 1 plus near 2 bah hehe
tat's all
btw 2 ppl wif us are siao one they are LEslie, n Yingwei
crazy ppl cheering whole night LOLS
i guess they must have too much fun during orientation lols !
make me more looking forward to poly ..

woke up by mum call me wake up call me go brush teeth makan
going out today ..
drag my feet lols
went changi village thr de beach walk walk awhile
went changi village for some drinks..
I SAW SIA ENGINEERING company liao !!
so nice la see the aerospace thingy !!

lols dunno y im just interested in planes
but priority BIKE first :)

after that went to Queensway bought stuffs then went clementi
to makan

then went home !! tired... tmr working sian..
come on COUNT DOWN TO QUITTING DAY 10 days !!
bye guys thanks for viewing tag pls ty !!