aw so many days nv post so sry guys !
basically these few days study n slack nia lols !
studied wif yb siya n hong an jh at jp ...
came home still gt tuition so night didnt study le
went von hse wif yb so called studied =.= kana tortured by this 2 siao cha bo
mahjong-ed so lame LOLS i see fireworks wow playing ! woo
singapore finally snowing ! lmaos
thurs which is today
hope does nt rain till noon pls stop fast LOLS i wan go buy my 6th cap de lols
blah blah blah n so on...
a qn came by my mind when i woke up
y do ppl cry..
stupid qn i noe LOLS

tears rolled down for the 2nd time...


siLin, LOLS gt thief i first one jiu find u lor !

deadduck, LOLS but at carpark leh nt hotel outside dude. ur primary sch =.= sure kana scratch de LOL

caiwen, sure relink-ed...

simyee, u whr gt DAMMM guai sia

siLin, i go see n eat cant ah =p=p

lizhen, u then siao eh

kaixin, wat agree ! cant agree wif him lols

yvonne, wat u wan everytime wahahahaha make me nuan LOLS

simyee, LOLS nth to comment jiu use that lor ..

kaixin, LOLS no chin wat the hell lols 1 sentence jiu label senior liao nice one.. is whether....

ling, LOLS i also gt tag u wat lame ...