teachers day celebration
haha aces day waste of time la lols
give out teacher award in hall expecting to have
FIERCEST teacher hope chong or sandra get de lor lols
in the end dun have this prize...
rohimah still so high haha
after school went home changed bath
met xy for pool for 3 hours
this is the longest n most ex i ever played
haha fun nvm we 2 romantic lor haha
after that went home watch mfbbt
sian whole batch gone no more fun
tat's about it i have updated a few songs in my list below below scroll down see n listen


caiwen, ya u lao sai y?

silin, haha whr gt !!! its somehow the fact wat bleahx kk next time dun shoot u so much jiu shi le

deaduck, yea so shuai haha cos u now duck they dun recognize u lmaos