another day taken by cher again rawr

need to report at 830 at buona vista

sian la

woke up at 630...blah blah

met jieyen amirah at 745

damn it RAIN dam heavy la

haven reach boon lay jiu machiam

swimming come out lidat =.=

kua zhang dun have la jiu abit wet


went for lecture at dunman high

subject is core history =.=

bored fk we were the

only neighbourhood sch =.=

only us n st margaret is sec

de other 8 to 10 schools are JCS



zzz all so clever

i see them ask qn i thought

i in france ding bu dong bodoh rofl

sit there for nearly 3 hours

can slp sia sian dao lao sai

after that trained back to boon lay

home-ed game a while really a while

10mins haha

then watch bbt grad ceremony

then dinner...

home-ed again study study until now

im fainting anytime

head spinning le haha

k bah shall stop b4 i faint ...


Yvonne, wahaha wat too bo liao ah

tag something nicer leh haha wahahahah

Caiwen, hi lao sai paper hellow !!

Liting, yea tweety little wat u wan!

go mop the floor faster

Lizhen, yeayea i will thanks u jiayous too haha

Vivian, walao OPEN ur eyes big big nar !!

Deadduck, evil to u only u this KUKUJI


Simyee,yea lor nxt time teach me leh rofl...

Swisz, yea nice song recommend more to me

haha tc jy for ur Os n rest too dun overwork

siLin, lols dun say i force u hor !!

u nv come ur loss mah haha

Kaixin, ya lor dunno who saying tat person

cheat leh must catch !