Hello NOOBS , school was normal today

no remedials shiok hahah

went home straight

watch lqh haha quite nice gt matches le

YUAN DA YING u finally noe how to play le

haha his trick funny la

after finishing played awhile

then bathe then dinner

then nw study haha nth much today ...


kaixin, lols her eyes ben lai jiu small,

kaixin, ya lor report that person just come find me de !

kaixin, those junior are just hopeless must help cher punish

vivian, lols whr gt !!!!

Fq, cos i wan put bigger mah easier for u all read lmaos

Deadduck, i noe kukuji cute but u nt cute lols come la capture me !

kaixin, y loanshark funny ah !!

kaixin, u old auntie ppl call u da jie liao

lizhen, wait till i dl first haha ps

yvonne, nvm la i prepared well le mah rofl bhb !!