yea !! wat a longGGGGGGGGGGGGGG day man

dam it gt maths until 5.40 rawr !!!!!!!!

actually is friday de !! haha

becos POA student lor

haha yea yea u if u are POA student haha !! SEEE big big !!

no la they ke lian la no break if have it on friday

nv blame u all ! just joking man

nth much for today lor ....

LIZHEN, so sry !! lols miss out urs last post pS !! haha yoyo !! yo ur head

kaixin, 简单就是美. i smack ur head too jian dan its bored add some line to it ... or dark colour...

vivian, lols ur blog dun look like a teenager blog mah ,lai lai !! waaa uncle wan challenge !! erm i still need consider leh .. chey !

siLin,erm ur brain mayb gt bah i think peanut size lor !! =p call me die !! i die let u see then u noe..