oh well forget to post ytd lols had PE

n tuo someone de fu everyone noes i fly off from the chair

haha no la do xiao guo mah !!

chey jk la crazy xiao guo so hiong i just manage get hold of half the ball

then jump off nia mah

tuo pi and my da tui abit swollen haha

leng leng la dun worry...

just came back from raymond hse....

at first win alot in the end win few cents nia lols nvm

btw 14 mins more to my dads bday HAPPY BDAY DAD !!

aw tmr will be a busy day for me !!

haha tc guys


lizhen, ha na ha na u correct la hor !!

DeadDuck, laugh wat...

Caiwen, erm i haven consider to link anyone yet as u can see lols !!..