welllll..... lim kim kim was weird today lols
dunno wat happen to her
anyway hope she will be fine..
bored day bored day !!!
nth much lor except for the lo lo lo lo !!! haaha
o.o today some kuku try to die but what happen
FAIL !!!!
dun rly noe wat happen i think he gt depression?
nth much liao bah bb

caiwen, yea yea u lesbian y? cant ah i say U LESBIAN !! C FOR CURTAIN....asss ur head
DeadDuck, funny ah !! u try la u ti botak i customize the cap for u !! for free.. wun de !! famous nia gd lor !!
Jerome, yo fat !! train harder aha haha tc....
Swisz, yea she must try or we 2 help her ti botak wan? nt a bad idea ehh !!
kaixin, wattttttttttttttt lols dun tag lidat only