Photos : Bangkok Part 2

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Street Stalls seen everywhere in Bangkok and below is one of my favourite food ! 

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Oh Yea, Phad Thai ! Gf always nag when she say me what to eat ? and I reply PHAD THAI ! and I got a death stare from her. Only 50Baht what. Good and Cheap ! 

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Tuk Tuk !! It's like the most common way of getting around in bangkok city ! and oh well, you have read about those tuk tuk who offer low price but with a few stops. I need not explain much. 

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Found this in my cam,taken by gf and this small girl at khao san road when I was getting stuff for my mum. 

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Chatuchak . Okay, I missed this on my previous trip because I went there on weekdays ! Quite Excited about it actually ! 

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Everyone like crowding here to take a photo , so ya , this is the scene. MAD CROWDED LA !

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31 Degrees at chatuchak is like double, drinks and dessert help to cool down ! Had this famous coconut ice cream for the first time !  Soooo Goood !

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One of the main trip for both of us to chatuchak was to get dog's stuff for our two furballs duffy and truffle ! 

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All sort of pets la. even squirrel ! so poor thing .. 

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And yea, she dont like it when the place got no clothes for her to buy, she will say it's boring ! =.=  

Alright, more on part 3 ! Ciao !

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