Riders Cafe

Days ago, I brought the girl to Riders Cafe for brunch !

Knowing that she have not been there before , I didn't tell her where we are going.

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Riders Cafe is famous for the location as it was away from the city in a very peaceful place. I love it when cafes are far away from the town although transport is one big problem. The brunch menu was heard to be very good too. But we had lunch instead that day ! Definitely we will be going back again I am sure.

Why so? Read on.

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I chose to sit by the balcony area although it's slightly hot but the ambience is good ! why not?

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Located at Bukit Timah Saddle Club , this is the only horse riding school in Singapore. Sadly , it was a weekday and no one is riding ! 

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Loving the old english type of indoor structure! 

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the girl checking out the menu.. 

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I ordered the Riders Burger and Market Fish for the girl. Kinda wish they have more variety on the menu ! 

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 photo f15a80cc-521f-4b5d-bd7f-a0b7754255a1_zps7c064996.jpg

Waiting patiently for the food to come ! 

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The Riders Burger ($17) is darn awesome ! I ordered the beef to be done medium. Every bite was so good..
Looking at it at this timing , Hungry already ! 

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Market Fish ! ($25) The sauce with the fish is good too ! the fish was nicely done , not too soft not too hard ! However I feel it will not be filling for me, if you are a big eater , eat something else. The girl has got a small appetite .. 

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After eating we went to walk around the place and of course come here must take photo ! 

Such a nice place ! 

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Act one photoshoot seh ! 

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Strongly recommended if you are looking to getaway from the city and have some good fresh air ! 
Definitely I will be there again on the weekend for their brunch ! Remember to make your reservation ! 

51 Fairway Drive 
Bukit Timah Saddle Club
Sunday to Thursday - 8am to 9pm
Friday & Saturdays - 8am to 10pm
Closed on Monday