Passion OR Family


Passion OR Family 

That's my motorbike above ! as of a day ago ! I sold it yesterday.. still slowly getting used to it that it's not at my carpark anymore. And yea still see the P plate there right ! I have only ride it for 4 months ! 

Sold it why ? Partly because of family and my close one around me ! I had to give up this passion from young ! 

Since day 1 I got my bike , every single night i was nagged without fail. And my dad could not concentrate driving his taxi. Calls after Calls. I decide to stop. 

So for some people out there, Would You do the same as me? Or would You still continue to try balancing passion and family? 

I have come to think of it especially after a few incidents around me. I might be lucky to be safe today but not any other day? 

Famous quote " Rider Wrap the Bike " Car Wrap You " therefore Car is safer. I dont believe this shit lol. 
I always believe fate, if your time is up, it's up. 

But I dont wish to see people around me worrying everyday. It doesn't help me in riding peacefully on the road anyway. 

So as for now. I will save up for 2A, and take a break. Or I might not ride anymore. So much for Passion.
But that's life :) Ciao.