Thoughts on Stricter Amendments to Cigarettes

Soooo, I heard the news announcing the new requirement of the cigarettes in Singapore ! Tar and Nicotine to be lowered !

I have similar thoughts as the Chief Executive Officer of HPB ! Is it better to lower the harmfulness of smoking?

I think it's worst ! Because now more people will think that smoking is healthier now ! and it lower the risk of getting cancer and other whatever the pictures shows.

What will this lead to? More people quitting smoking? ARE YOU SURE? or Do you see more people considering to smoke especially when they need to socialise ! YES the smokers love to use social smoking.

Those who are looking to quit tend to go for the "light" label cigarette like some of my friends do. Well.. IT DOESNT WORK TOO ! If they want to quit they will ! no point putting all the labels because it doesnt matter ! What I would say is , INCREASE THE HARMFULNESS of cigarettes ! Make people know it cause a heavy impact on their body straightaway ! Just like Drugs ! Okay. that sounds too extreme but ya you get what I mean right :)

But does healthier smoking = healthier second hand smoke?

P/s : This post is not against any smoker. No offence to anyone. It's their choice to smoke :)