Manfrotto Veloce VII Camera Backpack


    The Essential shooting backpack, the Veloce VII comfortably fits all your camera gear and tripod either inside or outside the bag as well as 17” laptop. Grab your DSLR with or without battery grip and up to a 70-200 mm lens attached through the top opening without having to open the entire bag. 3-4 additional backup lenses, flash and accessories fit in the bottom compartment.        "

An alternative to the famous backpack brands like Lowepro and ThinkTank, Manfrotto came out with a backpack with a unique design to provide the consumers with a better experience in photography. Previously I have trouble bringing a laptop with my camera gears to school and because of that I had to sacrifice bringing some of the things. Now that I have this bag. I no longer have this trouble. 


This is the interior look of the Veloce VII Camera Backpack. 


This is how much things I fit in.  

17- 40mm | 70-200mm | 50mm | 580exii | Canon 50D Body | Camera Strap | Memory cards and batteries | My thinktank belt pouches 

You might think wif all this it's very heavy and uncomfortable for your bag. Let me share with you. I am a small build boy LOL ! Yes It's a little bit heavy for me after a whole day of carrying , but the good thing is that the thick and comfortable padding behind do help alot. I have been using this bag for nearly a month and I seldom feel that my shoulder are aching. 


This is the back of the backpack 


The material is like a sponge ! So damn comfortable ! 

Now I am going to talk about the favourite part which I like about this bag. 


You will wonder what is this clip here is doing..


It's actually a small pocket that you can open and retrieve your gears and accessories conveniently ! You can choose to put anything here ! handphone or lens or even cameras ! 

I dont have to put down the whole bag to get the stuff from the bag ! 
I love this idea a lot ! 

Let me conclude this bag with the pros and cons ! 

Pros : 

-The single side pocket with the clip is a plus point for the bag. 
-The quality of the padding is very suitable for people who do travelling which is actually the main target selling point for this bag. However for events shooter like me. I find it very useful as well. The amount of gears that it can hold and with a laptop of 17" is amazing ( I have never though I could put my belt pouch in ) 

Cons : 

One of the features they gave was the water repellent coating to the bag to resist moisture. I would prefer it to have the rain cover that lowepro and thinktank provide for their bag. But as I had mentioned the target for this bagpack is not for user who is going to shoot in harsh weather condition. 

I would say this bag is a very suitable bag for travelers and users like me who shoot indoors event mostly. It's like a carry-on luggage for photographers. 

Overall Rating : 8/10 

Stile Bags - Interview with Fabio Prada from Manfrotto on Vimeo.