Photography, VideoGrapher, Friends.

Before I say anything, Have a read of this article taken from here . I have no credit to this :)

" This is an article which i’ve read online a few days ago where it was written in Chinese. Agree with it and decided to translate most of the contents in it posting it here.
A friend is an owner of a restaurant, you dine in he charges you, everyone thinks that it’s alright
A friend open a stationery shop, you buy stuffs he charges you, everyone thinks that it’s alright
A friend owns a fashion boutique, you buy clothes he charges you, everyone thinks that it’s alright
A friend does photography/videography for a living, charges you, everyone will think “Eh why this person so stingy!”
Discount in a restaurant, everyone says : “This friend is good!”
Discount in a stationery shop, everyone says : “This friend is generous!”
Discount in a fashion boutique, everyone says : “That’s what i call A FRIEND!”
Discount for photography/videography services, everyone says : “What kind of friend is this, it should be free”
He says : “Eat anything here for free!” Everyone says : “Cannot, you’re doing a business here”
He says : “Take any stationery you want!” Everyone says : “Cannot, that is not right”
He says : “Just choose any clothes you like!” Everyone says : “Cannot, that’s not so good”
He says : “I’ll help on taking pictures/videos for you” Everyone says : “Ok Thank You!”
A lot of videographers/photographers out there are taken for granted and people always think that their job are easy. Everyone think that paying for meals, stationeries and clothes is right but think twice and doubt when it comes to photography/videography services.
They will think that hey, just taking pictures/shooting videos only what, point and shoot, that’s easy, simple and fast. A lot of people do not know the hard work behind before the end result product is produced at the end of the day.
Photographers/videographers are normally hire by people to shoot important moments and most of the times, they weren’t brief on what will happen every single minute, they will need to standby and be prepared & alert all the time in order to get those important shots containing your most precious moments.
Many hours are needed to spent to filter, edit, touch up & etc for pictures/videos before it can be display and photographers/videographers have to work hard to please their clients and make them happy. A 2 hour shoot might result in a 6 hours or more in editing & etc.
Photographers/Videographers dare not say no when requested to shoot for free because when they say no, he would be stingy to the world. A “No Problem” reply would probably bring sleepless nights for them and that’s all because they treasure the friendship with you.
So seriously, when you really do consult them for services on photography/videography, there’s a reason why they would quote you at certain price. "

 Most of the time, We, I believe most of the photographer and videographer got this problem of pricing against friends. Me and my friend call it the "Friendship Price" 
I dont know why but most of the people, today think having a camera is something anyone could do. Paying a high amount for it is not worth it. So I ask you again, What about wedding? You can just ask your niece or whoever who owns a dslr and do it for you for free right? Or You hired a professional Because You want the FACE ? To show that wow your event is important. 
One example I would like to add on. 
Your friend own a Food Catering services. 
You are hosting a party. So Do you Choose to ask your Mother who can cook very well to cook for 20 pax or support your friend by ordering the cater. 
Of course cater right? 
Reason 1 simple : It's faster and more convenient 
Reason 2 : You cant cook 20 pax in your own house kitchen right. 
So Correct lor? Any other one can cook ! But not all can cook for so many at one go ! you need the skill and equipment ! 
Same for photography ! Anyone can take photographs but not all can take all types of photos !! You need the experience and equipment !!
What im trying to put across in this post is : You Pay for What You get. 
Your friend is earning for a living. Please put Business and Friends Aside.

P/s : This is not against anyone. Im just voicing out problems that many faced not just me.