" You will never know how big the sky is until one day you reach for it " 

Hey yo ! guys. Pretty lack of updates !

Working survey for ideal log this time a bank one. OMG can =.= so tough, i bet this is the last time I will touch a surveyor job , might stop taking it for quite awhile Sick of SINGAPOREANS !

SINGAPOREANS are so fking unfriendly can? =.= hate it ttm !

Okay had my day yesterday , thanks baby for the day, thanks mum for the cake. thanks mum for the hongbao.
thanks for the wishes , some disappointing moment as well, hah nvm expected it though.

Had astons with baby days ago,



2 photos uploaded only. haha

Heading to Yishun tmr for survey job. hopefully more successful ones , im not really pending to have much earnings this time. :(

Erm ~~ let me think what did I do in the last few days haha

oh yea 2012 ! GREAT !
definitely a great movie , catching christmas carol soon and also the chocolate fondue that I owe baby.

Oh yea, Went for a photography talk yesterday, Hokkaido shots by a photographer. Nice ! and its freaking cheap can! he went there 16 days just costing him $3000 only ! 

I WAN GO !!! =p

and some good news coming up and Im excited for it. Getting my flash and battery grip and my dry cabinet..
nehneh leh CHao chao jiu cost me $600 already for this 3 items. haiyo..

Lastly, Went to Hinyi,Hinwen and her younger sister( i forget what name liao lol !) 's house warming.Very very long never seen them already la. haha. They just moved from art park to the Jurong point Condo. Omg can the house so small. lol. had a few shots there . will upload asap !

That's all for this week, I'm off to sleep ! very busy this few days ! sorry for the mahjong rejects sebastian ng ! will make up some day ! 

Meanwhile, view !! haha ^^