YOOO WAT"S UP PEOPLE ! ans is CEILING if u are at home ! lol.. trying to be funny but this is so cold !! shivers*

okay Friday ! 2 more days to school reopen holy shit ! no mood for that man... hopefully dun have bastard and bitches in my class.. ;D happy !

today was a slacking day LOLS.. woke up at 11 plus.. then use com awhile then headed out, wanted go orchard first.. then was told to go bugis to find nyssa first to check something.. yea so went there.. after that never buy anything aso.. slack at arcade walked around , then blah blah.. then she went to hospital and i went to orchard myself.. go buy mac and headed to skate park and stone there till 8 LOL.. i cant imagine i sit thr for 3hours.. gosh.. after that headed home that's all ~

saw that guy thr <<<>
obviously i was FORCED to take photo lols.. k just 1 proper one other i siam.. see how unwillingly i am lols.

okay ended ! hopefully i can get my job next 2 weeks ~ i need at least 600 dollars or so.. please !?
oh yea i broke my promise of posting my hair here sorry guys.. i post when its nicer and longer? haha sry guys thanks for viewing ..


To a fren,if u noe that i saying about u please read.
if i am the one u mentioned in your updates,
i'm sorry , i dun meant to and i dun harbour any intentions.