Hello guys I'm back haha. Today I caught a movie with the nuffnangers, Thanks Stephen for the invite for his extra free tickets yea. Yea we Watch the Surrogates.

surrogates Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay , This movie in short is a story about Robots again. This robot are created due to your preference of how you want it him or her to look like. And also what talents or skill he/ she can have and you can control them in a use of a machine. Then there was a guy who had a weapon that can killed the Surrogates and the User itself controlling, and Bruce Willis was the FBI and he had to find out who was it. haha as for the ending.. U GO AND WATCH IT YOURSELF ! haha a pretty nice movie ;D

After the movie went to slack at kfc as some wanted to eat.

lastly a group photo taken before the movie started.


Photo taken from www.vveijie.blogspot.com

Okay that's all for today getting a hair cut soon ! mayb this Thursday ! Be back to my blog on thursday on friday and you might catch my new hair here ! haha ;D
thanks for viewing and comments yea ! its just under my profile. bye and tc.