yooo morning post guys ~~

erm what to talk about leh??~~

OH YAA before i forget ehh

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SEBASTIAN NG FROM SP !!! (monitor of 4e7) haha

okay let's talk about something which most of my friends like to do after viewing meldric,bengkhoon,simyee,jessica,angel, silin ,cheryl's blog and many many more la LOLS


yea they all do have blog yea !! so help them promote yi xia you mei you ;D
go their link go see what wonderful photos they have !!

I always wanted to get a camera but my bloody mum dun let me cos she always think i nv take photos !!

yea true but I actually do like to take photos of things and scenery not human and myself LOLS
aiya u guys sure dun believe cos i with u all also bo take pic de haha stop saying i waste money ah ~~
 haha surprise right? i wan take cam haha ..

this is my target camera to buy now !! weee

Nikon cool pix L100


o.o wait wait dun misunderstand ah this is nooooot a DSLR CAM

i dun have the money and im nt that professional ,,

this is a compact camera which cost 500SGD which is rather reasonable for its feature ;D
I have checked the review for this cam. Not bad review just it does not have manual control over ISO and also not viewfinder which normal dslr or some compact cam do !

blah blah i dun wan talk too much on this yea haha ;D u guys get bored yea??

oh yea btw, my school got 66 cases of h1n1 already !!

will they extend the elearning? OMG sian la hais nvm nt my daiji i wait for news jiu hao le wahaha

sian lor becos of this h1n1 cant go anywhr so cancel going out to crowded places with dum dum ~~

she cant have ben and jerry ice cream haha orbi quack ...
dumdum in school im at home ! shuang ;D

DARN !! 3 guppies died again ytd aiyoyo ~~~
haha okay bye people take care !!