Lunch-ed at pizza hut today...
after that went to von hse
waited for joey n nigel
for mj...
lost 4 bucks
luckily ^^
sry yea meldric cant have mj wif u all at night today
rly sry
promise to have one next week
tis time i jio..

aw i miss drum man saw my fren went for jamming a few days ago
haha will have one session next week

arcade is a very gd place to relieve anger n stress yea?
i have been going to the arcade for this month
i have seen alot of adults
some wif their kids?
some alone? they obviously nt frequent comer
can see from how they play?
arcade are no longer for kids yea?
adults are the one i see most in arcade

currently record:666
for the basketball the short one..hehe
wan go arcade jio me yea...haha

haha had work ytd walao
zhao bao is bull shit man
so little money =.= nt even for me to spend one day
tis job is good as i can always choose one fren to accompany me
so far

RECORDS for first timer
AFiq : 17 plus or near 18 bucks
Hoeyeen : 19 bucks
Angel : 19 bucks
Silin : 16 bucks

haha silin now noe must treasure ur previous job yea?
7 per hour sit thr call phone =.=
haha for her she cant take it la i think
chinese newspaper is alr consider light compare to the english one
which me ,afiq,hoeyeen,angel did usually
walao that one heaven !! haha

she funny la she go take the photo of the auntie that me hoeyeen, afiq n angel hate
haha !
haven send me
i sure edit de lmaos...

seriously i dun recommend tis job for GIRLS !
unless u are rly very strong !!!
which i dun think i have any female fren who is very strong

i love tis job la how i wish everyday have sia cos its only 3 hours
i dun have to sit down n do something so stupidly
sunday im working again weee
english newspaper de haha
silin give up le haha
sry any frens who wan do tis sunday
bo slot liao
nxt time bah

ok let's stop here for today

my plurk is dead =.=